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At Dumbanoğlu Çiftliği, we understand that acquiring an animal is a significant decision and a thoughtful process, not a hasty choice. Our commitment to the well-being of our animals sets us apart—we prioritize their health by avoiding shortcuts like chemicals or rushed breeding tactics. Instead, we provide them with the best feed and a natural environment to ensure both physical and mental well-being.

For professinals it can be quicker, but when you choose to acquire animals from us, it becomes a consulting process. We guide you in selecting the right animals, discuss and ensure the availability of proper cages and breeding environments, and assess your capability and willingness to provide continuous care, feeding, and love.

Please be aware that the ordering process may take weeks or even months. This is because we align with the natural breeding seasons of each animal species, respecting their biological rhythms. This patient approach ensures the health and happiness of the animals you welcome into your care. Thank you for considering Dumbanoğlu Çiftliği for your animal acquisition journey.

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