At Dumbanoğlu Çiftliği, our foremost commitment lies in creating an environment for the animals that closely mirrors their natural habitats.

 Our breeding policy is centered on constructing spaces that replicate the most suitable conditions for each species, minimizing stress and fostering the development of their natural behaviors. By meticulously designing enclosures that mimic their native environments, we aim to provide a setting where animals can thrive physically and exhibit behaviors inherent to their species.

This approach not only ensures the well-being of the animals but also contributes to their mental and emotional health. We believe that offering a space that encourages natural behaviors is vital for the overall health and happiness of the animals under our care. At Dumbanoğlu Çiftliği, we take pride in our dedication to providing a harmonious and stress-free environment, allowing our animals to express their natural instincts and live fulfilling lives.

Ducks - Swans & Goose

- King Eider
- Spectacled Eider 
- Common Eider 
- Harlequin
- Mandarin
- Carolin (Wood duck)
- Redcrested Pochard
- White Cheeked Pintail
- Ruddy Shellduck
- Common Shellduck
- White faced Whistling Duck
- Paradise Shellduck
- Eurasian Teal
- Falcated Duck
- Garganey
- Common Pochard
- Wandering Whistling Duck
- Ringed Teal
- Northern Pintail
- Ferruginous Duck
- Common Scoter
- Smew

- Mute Swan
- Black Swan
- Blackneck Swan

- Emperor Goose
- Red Brested Goose
- Barnacle Goose
- Andean Goose
- Bar Headed Goose
- Canada Goose
- Ross's Goose
- Upland Goose
- Snow Goose
- Egyptian Goose
- Brant Goose
- Greater White-fronted Goose
- Cape Barren Goose

Dumbanoğlu Çiftliği takes pride in its specialized breeding practices for waterfowl, ensuring optimal habitats that authentically replicate their native environments. 

Our farm is dedicated to constructing stress-free and joyful spaces tailored specifically for waterfowl residents. By prioritizing the unique needs of waterfowl species, we create environments that promote natural behaviors, contributing to their physical and emotional well-being. 

With providing the best possible conditions for waterfowl, fostering a harmonious setting where they can thrive and lead content, fulfilling lives on our farm.

At Dumbanoğlu Çiftliği, we're all about giving our waterfowl the VIP treatment! Picture this: we've got these super cool habitats that are like a waterfowl paradise. We're not just talking about any old space; we're talking about a tailor-made, duck-approved chill spot. We've carefully chosen the perfect combo of plants and greenery to make it feel like home sweet home for our feathered friends.

The vibe is so natural. We've set up these cozy little nooks where our waterfowl can do their thing, whether it's splashing around, finding the perfect nesting spot, or just enjoying a leisurely swim. It's like a little community where everyone's got their own space to shine.

Quails & Partridges:

- Common Quail
- Bobwhite Quail
- Blue Brested Quail
- Gambel's Quail
- California Quail
- Scaled Quail
- Montezuma Quail

- Crested Partridge (Roul Roul)
- Crimson Headed Partridge
- Chinese Bamboo Partridge
- Montain Bamboo Partridge
- Hill Partridge
- Arabian Partridge
- Philby's Partridge
- See-see Partridge
- Barbary Partridge
- Grey Partridge
- Chukar Partridge

At Dumbanoğlu Çiftliği, we're passionate about creating exceptional habitats for Quails and Partridges. Our aviaries and cages are thoughtfully designed to provide ample space and a comfortable environment for these birds. We take pride in ensuring that the living spaces authentically cater to the needs of Quails and Partridges, promoting their natural behaviors and contributing to their overall well-being.

The aviaries are spacious, allowing the birds to move freely and explore, while the cages are carefully structured to provide the necessary room without compromising on comfort. The vegetation within these habitats is meticulously chosen to create a green and thriving atmosphere, offering a suitable setting for our avian residents.

Our commitment goes beyond providing shelter; we've curated these spaces to mimic the natural conditions that Quails and Partridges thrive in. From cozy spots for nesting to open areas for foraging, every aspect is considered to ensure a harmonious and enriching environment. At Dumbanoğlu Çiftliği, we believe in offering more than just habitats – we're creating homes where Quails and Partridges can live comfortably and flourish.

Tragopan - Snowcock - Capercaille - Grouse - Ptarmigan

- Temminck Tragopan
- Satyr Tragopan
- Blyth's Tragopan
- Western Tragopan
- Cabot Tragopan

- Tibetan Snowcock
- Altai Snowcock
- Himalayan Snowcock
- Caucasian Snowcock
- Caspian Snowcock

- Western Capercaillie
- Black Grouse
- Sage Grouse
- Sharp-tailed Grouse
- Rock Ptarmigan
- Willow (Snow) Ptarmigan


- Mountain Peacock Pheasant
- Palawan Peacock Pheasant

- Swinhoe's Pheasant
- Siamese Fireback
- Mikado Pheasant
- Reeves's Pheasant
- Golden Pheasant
- Lady Amhert's Pheasant
- Silver Pheasant
- Malayan Peacock Pheasant
- Koklass Pheasant
- Himalaya Monal

Crane - Pelican - Peafowl - Turkey

- Grey Crowned-crane
- Demoisella Crane

- Great White Pelican
- Australian Pelican

- Indian Peafowl and mutation colours
- Green (Java) Peafowl

- Ocellated Turkey
- Greater Flamingo
- American Flamingo

- Greater Rhea
- Emu
- Nandu

Absolutely, let's dive into the world of Tragopans, Snowcocks, Capercailles, Grouse, Ptarmigans, and Pheasants at Dumbanoğlu Çiftliği. Our spaces for these majestic birds are nothing short of tailored luxury.

Imagine aviaries and enclosures that don't just meet the needs but exceed the expectations of these species. We're talking about spaces that are designed for elegance and functionality, providing ample room for the birds to display their unique behaviors. These habitats are more than just enclosures; they're carefully curated environments that bring out the best in our Tragopans, Snowcocks, Capercailles, Grouse, Ptarmigans, and Pheasants.

At Dumbanoğlu Çiftliği, our commitment to authenticity extends to the flora within these habitats. Picture a lush green landscape that mirrors the native surroundings of these birds, creating a harmonious and vibrant setting. We've paid meticulous attention to the details, ensuring that the vegetation not only enhances the aesthetic but also serves as a source of nutrition and enrichment.

From the regal Capercailles to the colorful Pheasants, every species has a space that caters to their unique characteristics. The habitats are designed to offer a blend of open spaces for displaying vibrant plumage and sheltered areas for nesting and privacy. It's a symphony of nature within these enclosures.

Beyond providing a physical space, we've crafted environments that encourage natural behaviors. Whether it's the Grouse's courtship displays or the Ptarmigan's camouflaging in changing seasons, our habitats are stages for these magnificent birds to express their true selves.

At Dumbanoğlu Çiftliği, it's not just about providing a place to stay – it's about creating homes where Tragopans, Snowcocks, Capercailles, Grouse, Ptarmigans, and Pheasants can thrive, showcase their beauty, and live their best avian lives. 

In recognizing the unique needs of Tragopans, Snowcocks, Capercailles, Grouse, Ptarmigans, and Pheasants, we understand that the essence of an utopic life for these birds may not align with closed environments. However, for the most endangered and vulnerable species among them, such as the Tragopans, these breeding programs become crucial for ensuring the future of the species.

These closed environments, carefully crafted at Dumbanoğlu Çiftliği, serve as sanctuaries for species facing endangerment. While it may seem like an unconventional utopia, these programs demand a significant commitment from both our team and the birds themselves. We strive to strike a delicate balance between mimicking natural conditions and providing a controlled environment that ensures the safety and conservation of these remarkable species.

We acknowledge that these breeding programs are not just about creating spaces; they're about fostering a commitment to the future of these endangered species. Through our dedication and collaborative efforts, we aim to secure a utopic life, albeit within controlled environments, for these birds, ensuring their continued existence for generations to come.