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We organise international exchanges to help set up preservation programs.

Who We Are

Dumbanoğlu Çiftliği is a dynamic organization specializing in various breeding programs to safeguard species near extintion as well as helping other breeding programs collect their live animals from all over the world. Our company is dedicated to providing a diverse range of healthy and well-cared-for animals to enthusiasts, collectors, and organizations. With a commitment to ethical practices, we prioritize the welfare and happiness of our animal residents.

Our work

  • A dynamic nonprofit-oriented organization specializing in various breeding programs to safeguard species near extintion 
  • To ensure our nonprofit goals we do ethical trade of live animals throughout the world  -   click here to: explore our inventory
  • We provide aviculturists with expert guidance and comprehensive resources to establish sustainable breeding programs. Our team of specialists is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. 
  • We are dedicated to fostering an early love for nature and animals and therefore have excursions and on-site programs for the younger to spark curiosity and wonder.  

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Tetrao urogallus

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1. How can I place an order?

Please reach out to us via email and furnish pertinent information, including your Name, Address and details, the Latin name and auantities of the desired animals, and delivery specifics.
Following your submission, we will promptly respond either by phone or email to furnish additional information, anticipated delivery timelines, and further procedural guidance.

2. How can Dumbanoğlu contribute to my farm/ breeding program?

If you are in the process of revitalizing your breeding farm to elevate standards for the well-being of your animals, we can provide consultancy in different categories;  This initiative encompasses enhancements in practical facilities, refinement of the landscape for visitor presentation, and a comprehensive approach to improve both the physical and mental health of the animals in your care.

Optimal consultancy outcomes are achieved through sustained mid-term collaboration.

3. Can I visit Dumbanoğlu Çiftliği farm?

You are warmly welcomed to explore our farm and experience the nature of our progressive breeding initiatives. 

4. Which organisations do we provide consultancy services to?

Explore our focused consultancy services for animal breeder programs, zoos, and wildlife sanctuaries. With expertise in strategic guidance, we aim to optimize breeding programs, enhance zoo experiences, and contribute to the welfare of animals in sanctuaries. Our team is committed to supporting your mission for the well-being of the animal kingdom.

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